RLE Bike is a durable electric bike on a titanium frame which has ultra light weight (up to 15 kg). Made in France!

Bicycles is our passion! That's why we decided to make an electric bike, which has no compromises. It has the best equipment that is from manufacturers with a worldwide reputation!

The motor that is invisible!

Few people will guess that you are traveling not on a common, but on an electric bike! The motor is hidden in the rear wheel hub and despite the small motor’s proportions, it is really powerful.

The motor corresponds to the European requirements for electric bicycles. The rated power is 250W (max 400W).

Series of RLE Bike

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RLE Urban - from 4950 €

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RLE Highland - from 5900 €

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RLE 27,5+ - 7900 Euro

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RLE Grevel - 6900 Euro

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Limited edition

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Individual order

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Custom order

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Sale 2018

One of the most energy-intensive batteries


If you do not know in advance that the bike in front of you electric, you can hardly guess where the battery is located...

We use only the latest versions of Panasonic batteries which are installed in the Tesla cars!


The battery warranty is 3 years from the date of purchase.

Titanium frame

Great experience in the aerospace industry and 25 years in the production of various frames and components for cycling, has made it possible to create a frame for an electric bike that combines high strength and light weight.

The frame is made of seamless titanium tubes (aerospace alloy OT-4), which are subjected to additional processing. The result is an increasing strength, fatigue durability and rigidity. The plasticity level, which is optimal for prolonged work of the material, remains.

Frame warranty is 10 years.


Warranty for all bicycles - 2 years.


RLE Bike Tel. European Office - +33675662006 Russia +74957406848, Osennyaya 23, Moscow, Russia